I was born and raised in the outskirts of Detroit, USA.  In 2008, I met a cute Finnish girl at a student party in France and have been living in Helsinki almost ever since.

Things I like:  world history, thinking about the future, minimalism, running, biking, fishing, chopping wood and observing the universe through my telescope.

Although I sometimes complain, I have a deep love for both my homeland (US) and my adopted homeland (Finland), and I want them to be the best they can be.


I’m nearly 30, and I’ve (unintentionally) spent most of my adult life in Helsinki. I come from a small city in Canada, and I moved here for work several years ago after discovering that Finnish people were pretty fun. I mainly write about economics, politics, and history, but some of my passions include sauna, sports, and finding the best burger in the city.

I have a Master’s degree in economics, and recently became a (Swedish-speaking) Finnish citizen. Mostly, I feel like I was always finlandssvensk – I just didn’t know it.

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